Alina Landowska

About me

I do research in the field of anticipatory anthropology. My work is at the crossroads of anthropology, linguistics, and sociology. I am particularly interested in anticipating social and cultural features – by analyzing how people talk about future facts/scenarios. I use a qualitative and quantitative approach with different methodologies, especially natural language processing (NLP) for corpus linguistics and quantitative analysis of large-scale socio-cultural data (culturomics).


· Anticipatory anthropology
· Computational linguistics
· Computational social science
· Digital media


2022 - present

Associated Member, The New Ethos Lab

2022 - present

Member of the Scientific Committee, Centre for Axiology of New Technologies and Social Change, Adam Mickiewicz University Poznan

2022 - present

Programme Director of the Future of Morality Forum

2022 - 2024


Journal articles

Landowska, A., Koszowy, M., Rocci, A., (2023) Introducing Modern Prolepsis
in Digital Rhetoric: How Proleptic Cues Work on Social Media? [Forthcoming].

Landowska, A. (2021) O relacjach między kooperacją i moralnością. W kierunku
nowej antropologii moralności. Etnografia Polska, 65(1-2), pp. 27-48.
DOI: 10.23858/EP65.2021.2699

Landowska, A., Della Piana, B., Feola, R. (2020) Humane Entrepreneurship Model:
Does morality of entrepreneurs matter?, Journal of the International Council
for Small Business, 1(3-4), pp. 177-198,
DOI: 10.1080/26437015.2020.1850156

Books and chapters

Landowska, A. (2022). Homo Cooperativus. Teorie kooperacji, Warsaw: Wydawnictwo Scholar.

Matuska, E., Landowska, A. (2016) „Cooperation as a Core Component of Intercultural Competence: A Neuroeconomic Perspective”, in Christiansen, B., Lechman, E., (eds.), Neuroeconomics and the Decision-Making Process. IGI Global, pp. 84-107.


Landowska, A., Koszowy, M., Budzynska, K. 2022, September. Anticipating the Future: Prolepsis as an attention attractor in digital media rhetoric. 4th European Conference on Argumentation (ECA 2022).

Landowska, A., 2021, November. New socio-cultural trends resulting from technology, 9th Annual Humanistic Management Conference.

Matuska, E. and Landowska, A., 2015, May. Cooperation as a core competency. The neuro-economic approach. In Proceedings of the Scientific Papers, 12th International Scientific Conference Human Potential Development, Klaipeda, Lithuania (pp. 27-28).


Recent media relations


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I am currently (2022/2023, term 2) involved in the following teaching modules:

DW.N21.T23 W1. Contemporary culture: crisis, transformation, prognosis  – lecture (MA Media Studies first year)

KU.S12.PI35 W1. (N)Ethnography research in business – lecture (BA School of Ideas second year)

KU.S12.PI35. Research methods in business  – module leader (BA School of Ideas second year)

KU.S12.PI36. (N)Ethnography in organization part I – module leader (BA School of Ideas second year)

KU.S12.PI37. (N)Ethnography in organization part II – module leader (BA School of Ideas second year)

KU.S12.PI38 WR1. Anthropology in business. Project implementation – team taught (BA School of Ideas second year)

KU.S13.P07 PR1. Research practice II – team taught (BA School of Ideas second year)

KU.S13.T06. BA seminar – team taught (BA Contemporary Culture Studies third year)

KU.N22.T15.MA Seminar – team taught (MA Contemporary Culture Studies second year)

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